En Casa del Herrero (demo) - 2013

by En Casa del Herrero

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Seis meses de ensayos para montar las canciones de cero. Ocho temas grabados y mezclados en dos días de trabajo. Este disco es el principio de un proyecto que ha tardado en surgir pero que ha brotado con fuerza. Espero que por mucho tiempo.

Eduardo Herrero


released July 24, 2013

Eduardo Herrero: voz, coros, guitarras acústicas, armónica
Carlos Clérins: guitarra eléctrica solista
Pepe Lamas: bajo
Jorge Quesada: órgano y piano
Óscar Quintans: batería

con la colaboración de Dani López: gaita irlandesa en Losing Hand




En Casa del Herrero A Coruña, Spain

No hay rock sin canciones, no hay canciones sin historias, no hay historias sin kilómetros...

There's no rock without songs, there're no songs without stories, there're no stories without miles...

En Casa del Herrero: on the road since 2013
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Track Name: Live!
Fasten your seatbelt
It's gonna be alright
You probably dont know it yet
But, son, this is your life

And there's a lot of good stuff
That you're about to see
So take your time and realize
You can ALWAYS count on me

(BRIDGE) And be the man you want to be
Sometimes it might be hard
But there's no mountain you can't climb
No horse that you can't ride

(CHORUS) So find your spot and dream, boy
Run and stop to breathe
Write your song and sing, son
Spread your wings and live!

Be curious but honest,
Be brave and even bold
Ask everything you need to ask
Don't be afraid to fall
Track Name: The Coward Song
There you go with all those clichés
Common places everywhere
You feel home among the masses
Thinking you think for yourself

Revolution's not your business
You're just trying to pretend
You're a working class survivor
So you say on the internet

But you're just
Another coward
Using your iPhone / laptop
To feed the flames
The true remains
'bout a tweet away
... Don't let knowledge
Beat your rage

Raise your voice and feel the power
Crash 'em glasses, kick their heads
Knock down every single tower
Break the rule, show no regret

You're too exhausted to have mercy
You're too busy to understand
You're nothing but a blind pawn
You're too small for this big game
Track Name: Princes & Bishops
It was then when she noticed
She was naked but fine
In the cold she kept sweatin'
While she flirted with time

And among all the creatures
Chinese shadows and freaks
She was still the same woman
Never wanted to be

She met princes and bishops
Politicians, rock stars
They all blamed the last dj
Since he played the wrong track

“No one's sober in rehab”
She complained to the guards
Who had bourbon for breakfast
And sent rockets to Mars

Then I know it's ironic
But the cats barked a lot
And the sun shone at midnight
When the raven got caught
Track Name: Miguel
Creciste en el medio de la nada
Soñando que escapabas hacia un lugar mejor
Perdiste la inocencia en una barra
Cuando aún no te afeitabas y los Burning eran Dios

Bailaste con la chica equivocada
La besaste en un espejo y te dejaste la nariz
Sonríes con esa boca oxidada
Te peleas con el viento son maneras de vivir

Qué tren pasó de largo te preguntas
Mirando hacia la luna y no puedes evitar
Aullarle como un lobo malherido
Malditos tus amigos que estuvieron y no están

Miguel, tómate
Una por los buenos tiempos
No ves que ya van a cerrar
No sé si sabrás
Que te he echado de menos
Cada vez que he mirado hacia atrás

Tuviste por maestra a un camarero
Y por guía un tatuaje que no te dejaste hacer
Te queman los cigarros en los dedos
Los días en la semana y las semanas en el mes

Supiste lo que era el lado oscuro
Y te dieron cuatro duros con los que pagaste amor
Quisiste ser feliz, eso lo juro
Pero no leíste la letra pequeña del guión
Track Name: My Name Is Rod
Well, daddy used to tell me
I remember well
“Forget that band and get a job
'cause rock and roll is dead!”

Sweet mummy kept our secret
While he was away
We rehearsed down on the basement
till the end of day

I mowed the lawn on Sundays
I washed a million cars
I babysat for little demons
Just to buy a cheap guitar

We dreamed of making records
And money out of that noise
We played some local venues
So loud I lost my voice

Hey, you, my name is Rod
I might be a rocker since I'm not a mod!
Hey, you, move out of my way
There's something I gotta do tonight and I'm gettin' late...

Our lucky day did never come
Even if we improved
But when we were up onstage
Our faith was bulletproof

We cheered some birthday parties
And boring weddings up
When all the girls went crazy
We had a lot of fun

I don't regret a single time
We slept less than we should
If any heart was broken
I'm sure it healed for good

I know those days are long gone now
I know they won't be back
But sometimes I like to pretend
I walk the same old track
Track Name: Darkness Shines
Have you ever felt a day just can’t get worse
And it looks like Devil’s playin’ tricks on you
No matter where you’re goin’, you’re ridin’ a blind horse
The harder that you try, The more you feel a fool

Oh, but when she laughs
This crazy town stops runnin’
And takes it easy for a while
Oh, and when she sighs
Silence listens, full moon flicks and darkness shines

Have you ever asked yourself where did you miss those things
That later on just turned their back on you
Have you ever gone to walk right against the wind
And noticed there’s a wall you might not see or pass through

Have you ever had a dream you could not understand
Until the day it somehow did take place
And then even circles fit squares and then even in your hand
Is space enough for all the tears that once flooded your face

Have you ever met somebody you’d swear you’ve seen before
Who only cares about rainbows on cold rainy days
Someone you’d love to get lost with a hundred times or more
No better destination than the road as long as she stays
Track Name: I Know I Said
You said you'd never call me back
I had to learn how not to hate
You were supposed to lose my track
Now it looks I am your fate

You change your mind just like you breathe
I have become your little slave
You got a knife between your teeth
You keep a sheep skin in your cave

I know, I know,
I wouldn’t but I did...
Come on, come on!
I’m on my way,
I didn’t but I will

I should've learned from my mistakes
I just can't stand it anymore
Nowhere might be a better place
Than anywhere I've been before
Track Name: Losing Hand
Days are passin' by
Seems like rain was helpin' to die
My bed looks wider than Park Avenue
I know you're sorry, I'm so sorry too

Fears will have to wait
I'm not done yet with my neglect
I've made some coffee in case you appear
But meanwhile I feel like having another beer

Man don't live by bread alone
I won't convince you on the phone
You can't win with a losing hand
Let's shuffle cards and deal again

Leaves under my feet
They whisper sins I don't want to hear
I've had enough of this nonsense
I won't lean on a barbed wire fence

Man don't live...