Descatalogado (EP) - 2016

by En Casa del Herrero

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Grabado y mezclado en Estudios Mans (A Coruña) por Xabier Ferreiro "Man", en noviembre de 2016. Asistentes de grabación: Jorge Criado, Julián Prieto y Eloy García


released November 24, 2016

Eduardo Herrero: voz, guitarra eléctrica, guitarra acústica, armónica
Carlos Clérins:guitarra eléctrica
Pepe Lamas: bajo
Jorge Quesada: piano, órgano
Óscar Quintáns: batería

y la colaboración especial de Mar Blanco (voz en Live!), Juan Folla (guitarra eléctrica en Little Bird Sing y The Coward Song) y Kevin "Dirty" Ray Weatherill (voz y armónica en Little Bird Sing y Mis Últimas Fichas)




En Casa del Herrero A Coruña, Spain

No hay rock sin canciones, no hay canciones sin historias, no hay historias sin kilómetros...

There's no rock without songs, there're no songs without stories, there're no stories without miles...

En Casa del Herrero: on the road since 2013
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Track Name: Little Bird Sing
Raining so hard the dogs can´t piss
wouldn´t send them out on a night like this
they look outside go back to bed
I´ve got to go there´s a party in my head

Who´s gonna buy you a diamond ring
who´s gonna make that little bird sing

Been a long time since my shadow walked here
everbody´s got to be somewhere
there´s a rock in my chest and it it hurts me to breathe
you´re the prettiest thing I ever did see

Who´s gonna buy you a diamond ring
who´s gonna make that little bird sing
Who´s gonna pay for your diamond ring
who´s gonna make that little bird sing

Open all the doors to the rooms of love
do the skin dance all night long
any port in a storm
any hole that´s wet and warm

Who´s gonna buy you a diamond ring
who´s gonna make that little bird sing
Who´s gonna pay for your diamond ring
who´s gonna make that little bird sing
Track Name: Live! (para Rodrigo y Sancho)
Fasten your seatbelt
It's gonna be alright
You probably dont know it yet
But, son, this is your life

And there's a lot of good stuff
That you're about to see
So take your time and realize
You can ALWAYS count on me

(BRIDGE) And be the man you want to be
Sometimes it might be hard
But there's no mountain you can't climb
No horse that you can't ride

(CHORUS) So find your spot and dream, boy
Run and stop to breathe
Write your song and sing, son
Spread your wings and live!

Be curious but honest,
Be brave and even bold
Ask everything you need to ask
Don't be afraid to fall
Track Name: The Coward Song
There you go with all those clichés
Common places everywhere
You feel home among the masses
Thinking you think for yourself

Revolution's not your business
You're just trying to pretend
You're a working class survivor
So you say on the internet

But you're just
Another coward
Using your iPhone / laptop
To feed the flames
The true remains
'bout a tweet away
... Don't let knowledge
Beat your rage

Raise your voice and feel the power
Crash 'em glasses, kick their heads
Knock down every single tower
Break the rule, show no regret

You're too exhausted to have mercy
You're too busy to understand
You're nothing but a blind pawn
You're too small for this big game
Track Name: Princes & Bishops
It was then when she noticed
She was naked but fine
In the cold she kept sweatin'
While she flirted with time

And among all the creatures
Chinese shadows and freaks
She was still the same woman
Never wanted to be

She met princes and bishops
Politicians, rock stars
They all blamed the last dj
Since he played the wrong track

“No one's sober in rehab”
She complained to the guards
Who had bourbon for breakfast
And sent rockets to Mars

Then I know it's ironic
But the cats barked a lot
And the sun shone at midnight
When the raven got caught
Track Name: Mis Últimas Fichas
La culpa fue mía
Debí suponer
Que no eres tan niña
Que sabes morder
Fui sólo un juguete
Con conversación
Maldita sea mi suerte
Ibas de farol
Y cuando quise darme cuenta había
Puesto sobre el tapete mis últimas fichas
Y el reloj

Manzana prohibida
Veneno en la piel
Mi padre decía
Si a una mujer
Le entregas tu alma
Ya no hay vuelta atrás
O encuentras la calma
O ponte a rezar
Y cuando quise darme cuenta...

Metida en la bolsa
Aún por escribir
Llevas una nota
Que era para mí
Ponte otro trago
Y ya podrás nadar
Dijo algún extraño
En el último bar
Y cuando quise darme cuenta...